True purpose lies within. It is hidden in plain sight. It is meant to be found By looking into the light.

This is the story of a young man’s quest to find his missing father. His journey takes him through the enchanted Bosque Mesquite, where he meets a guide who leads him to the summit of the Sierra Estrella. On the way he gains the courage to face his inner demons and find his true purpose. This is a tale that brings to life every person’s desire to find true meaning.

Other Works

The Journeyman

A book of poems and insights from the perspective of a workingman.


Nightmares and Twisted Tales

A collection of twisted tales sure to delight. Explore the forces of good and evil. Journey into the unknown and see what adventures await. From the creative mind of Alex Zubia enjoy as he takes you for a wild ride


What People are saying:

The Journeyman:

The speaker (author?) comes through with a seemingly blue collar bent. However, I suspect his natural inclination is more intellectual, more philosophical, especially with regard to his blue-collard-ness. For example, “Sonnet for the Traveler’s Wife” and “Sonnet for the Children” fall within traditional blue-collar topics: the workingman’s family. But there is an added intellectual twist: one is Italian (Petrarchan) sonnet, and one is English (Shakespearean) sonnet. And each follows the rigid rules of the form. The author (speaker?) maintains this unusual, yet captivating, voice throughout the book. Buy it!

Blue-Collar Poet

The book was well written. You could tell he wrote from the heart. I will recommend this to friends and associates for their reading enjoyment

Greg, Satisfied Reader

Nightmares And Twisted Tales:

Great little book, stories are superb and some will keep you on the edge of your seat, the endings can be quite surprising.

Richard, Satisfied Reader

About G A Zubia

G A Zubia is an author who writes books in the Magical Realism and Historical Fantasy Genres.

G A Zubia lives in Phoenix Arizona, near the Sierra Estrella where many of his stories take place.