We have all heard the yin and yang philosophy. Many times we take it at face value and move on. This is evident when we consider personal beliefs. For instance, when our country, the U.S., has a president, or any other public official, some people love, some people hate, that same person.

Most people have a steadfast belief in his or her candidate and believe that the other is completely wrong. There are varying shades of disagreement, but I am addressing the polarity here. Polarity is everywhere. With light comes dark. Up has down. These are simple examples. There are more complex examples, but do we look for them? It seems not when one jumps on the bandwagon to support certain individuals or causes whole-heartedly. Am I saying being passionate about a cause is wrong? No, I’m not saying that. I am saying that if we shift our paradigm to start seeing polarity in everything, it will be easier to see when it is more subtle.

We will then be less likely to buy into what we hear, because we will know what we are looking at. If the coin is split, and heads and tails are separated, it has no value. We have to take the whole to get the benefit we are looking for. When we begin to see with more clarity, we discover that failure brings with it the seeds for equal success. Sorrow allows us to experience joy.

I can go on with the examples, but you get the point. Look for what you want in a bad situation. Do whatever you can to find it. Believe that everything is polarity and you can start seeing the good in everything.

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