Everything You Are Is Found In Alignment

Alignment- To be in correct, or appropriate relative positions.

Recently I have been having a flare up of the sciatic nerve. Anyone who has experienced this knows how painful it can be. Part of the reason for the pain is that the discs are wearing out as they naturally do when we age. The other reason is that the spine tends to misalign with normal activity. When I am out of alignment a few trips to the chiropractor usually puts everything baack in pla. I should visit on a regular basis, but I don’t.

It has been many years since I have had an episode of this magnitude. This time the pain has knocked me out of commission for two weeks. My family has been waiting on me hand and foot. as I’ve sat on the couch days and paced the floor nights. I have a list of tasks that I am working on in order to achieve the goal of publishing my next book and get our house built but I have worked on nary a one of them in the month of January. I have had a lot of time to think. I have thought about the pain, I have thought about the future when the pain will be gone and I have thought about what I can do to prevent it from happening again.

Recently I began to think that maybe something is wrong other than physical. Maybe emotional , spiritual or psychological, after all. There is a true mind-body connection and nothing outside of ourselves heals us. The human body heals itself and we can only allow it to do its work. I wondered if I wasn’t allowing my body to heal itself. Maybe I have been so busy lamenting the pain that my focus has not been on the fact that my body is in a constant state of renewal? My wife has been a great help in keeping me focused on health and vitality.

During this time it has been difficult to get out of the house. but I have gone several times to the homesite and taken pictures. Some are included at the top of the page. Being out there brings a sense of peace that is hard to duplicate anywhere else.

The pungent aroma of the creosote bush and the scent of the fresh, brown earth mingle in the air, crisp and clean. I fill my lungs until they want to burst with joy, holding my breath until the oxygen is depleted and the remaining air is pushed out through my pursed lips. I breathe in and do it again, hold for a count and, whoosh, there it goes again. My arms go limp and fall to my sides, tingling with relaxation

In those still, quiet moments when the sun lingers in the saddle and casts its orange glow across the land, I know I am where I belong and the pain, like the slowly fading sunlight dips away for a moment and I am in alignment.

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