Recently, I began using social media. With a book soon to be released, what better way to let my friends, and I have many, know that the book will be available. I chose this platform because it allows us to connect and communicate across long distances, many of my friends are working far from home now, as I have done in the past.

It wasn’t surprising to me, with the great diversity of friends that I have, that there is also a great diversity of viewpoints and opinions, which a few are happy to share, whether solicited or not. sometimes a flashy meme appears which casts whatever the poster disagrees with in a negative light. The post receives praise from those who agree and is denounced by those who disagree.

No matter the individual’s beliefs, he or she shares what they believe to be the truth. Belief makes truth for no one but the believer. We all want to exist in a world that our beliefs tell us is good and when something threatens that, it is perceived as being bad. Each of us creates our own reality in this way.

So, what about good and bad being a perception? Maybe, instead of questioning other’s beliefs, ie; why do you support (insert name here), we should be questioning our own beliefs? Isn’t that what discernment is? (Why do I become so angry when they mention this group or that group?)

There are some good people that I know who’s views are completely different than mine. I know because they advertise their opinions for all to see. Why should it offend me that this person has different beliefs than me. We share the common value of wanting what’s best for our world, we are just at different stages of the journey. (Not to say one is better or farther along)

Then the comment comes; believe what you want, just don’t push it on me. If we question our own beliefs instead of other’s beliefs maybe we would realize that neither belief is good or bad and we can focus more on our shared values, like making the world a better place.

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