Into The Light

The Legend Of Zip

The cover is ready. Now comes the process of uploading the cover and manuscript. Keywords and genre will need to be entered. I have agonized over which genre to place the book for weeks. I think I have it narrowed down to Quest, thanks to Nadine’s insight and suggestion. It is about a quest. After all. It can also be placed in historical fantasy.

Keywords are another challenge that I have faced. Keywords are important to make the book visible when people use search engines and will help my book get discovered. The book took several months of writing, editing, rewriting and polishing. I put a lot of effort into this story and I am happy with the result. But just because I’m proud of my work doesn’t mean that the world will accept it.

If no one sees it it won’t get read and it won’t be accepted. Now the work begins. The fun of spinning a yarn is done, now it’s time to share my story with the world. It is time to market, the business side of authorship.

Every author wishes for his/her work to take on a life of its own and I am no different. I believe in what I have out on paper and I am putting myself in a vulnerable position by sharing it. It is something that I have always wanted to do and I realize that some people will not like what I am offering. Some people will like it and now the task of connecting with those who the message resonates with begins. I hope if you are reading this you would care to give the book a read and enjoy it. Also, if you enjoy the blog please sign up and follow so you see them as they are written.

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