Just Thinking

Recently, I joined a social media platform. The reason? I took a course on planning and within the course is a social media group where alumni of the course can ask pertinent questions and share progress and success. Is a way of interacting with others who share a common interest.

I know there are many others who use social media as a means of promoting their interests, whether it is a new business or, like me, a writing career. I decided to use social media as a means of connecting with those who would possibly be interested in reading some of the books I have written. During the first 90 days I did gain some traction, adding followers on the two platforms I decided to use.

The contacts that I’ve made through these platforms have many different views of the world. Each person with an opinion believes passionately that the opinion is right; to the point that those who disagree are, not only wrong, but evil. Honestly, I can feel the emotion rising when I read some things. I try not to let my emotions rule me, but that’s another topic.

The answer, I guess, is don’t let it bother me. That’s easier said than done. How about don’t even look or engage in the debate? That’s easy enough in theory. In practice, social media has a way of lulling us into a hypnotic state. It is an effortless diversion.

I didn’t join these platforms for the diversion, I joined to grow my writing career. Participating in the demonization and vitriol won’t advance my career because that’s not my message as a writer. I want my message to be that each of us has the power to control our own destiny. By allowing this diversion in my own life, am I controlling my destiny? I think not.

I had already decide not to comment on anything I disagree with. Sure, it’s nice to tell others they’re wrong, put them in there place, so to speak. What does that accomplish? People are slow to change their opinions, why try? Why not just accept them how they are? There are plenty of people out there who don’t care much for me. I know. They’ve told me. No amount of explaining, apologizing or cajoling will change their views. There is no shortage of people to explain why my opinion is wrong and theirs is right.

Most people are good people whose only desire is to make their life, and the lives of those around them, better. That’s where the passion comes from. Many believe that what’s best for them is best for everyone and they can’t understand, much less consider, how anyone could disagree.

I have started asking questions as a way of communicating in a positive way. The questions may cause people to think about how they can improve their own lives. Maybe it gives them a reason to look inside for answers. I don’t know how it will be received. These questions cause me to look inside, so merely asking them will help me think, improve my writing and help me learn. If anyone else benefits from it, all the better.

I’m doing this because I feel there is a need for it in my life. I know that if I have the need for it, someone else in this world has a similar need and maybe they will see a question that enhances their experience on the journey. If you see a question and you feel like it, go ahead and answer. You may get something out of it. For now, have a great day and enjoy the journey.

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