A few years ago I typed this mantra several times and taped it in several locations so that I could see it several times daily. I taped one to my laptop, desk and various other locations. This is the only one that remains and I’ve seen it daily for the past 2 plus years.

I’ve seen this enough times that I have memorized it and repeat it several times daily. It brings me comfort. The comfort comes not so much in the wording as in the cadence and tone that I chant in. The words have a meaning that is assigned to them by our collective understanding of our language and they could mean anything.

For instance, the word gift brings up a slightly different meaning in each person’s mind. For some it could be a toy. Others may think of money. Still others may think of a challenge to be faced as a gift. Whatever it means it’s a word that aligns with a high vibrational state of mind.

When we sing, or even talk, we now know that we are not hearing sound, rather a vibrational frequency is being converted through the vibrations in our ears to an electric impulse that our brain receives, causing our conscious mind to understand. This seems like a lot to comprehend until we realize that everything is a vibration.

We attract and repel vibrations that either match, or are dissonant respectively and words are no different. When the word is written it is two dimensional. When it is spoken it becomes three dimensional. But when it is chanted it takes on a fourth dimension, the dimension that aligns with our higher self.

Vibration is used for many things including therapy for muscles and other health concerns. It can be used for healing as well as to destroy. In the case of the chanting we can go back to Gregorian chants or the Walls of Jericho in the Bible.

When words are spoken with intention they are more powerful than when written. When the powerful vibration of chanting is added its power is multiplied exponentially. This is why a priest chants while giving a blessing. The practice is as old as the spoken word. Chanting is the birth of music.

There is a reason why certain songs evoke sad or joyful feelings and it is done through using notes that have a vibration that evokes these feelings. If you’ve ever wondered why a sad song tugs at the heartstrings it’s because of the notes that are used. The songwriter uses notes to have an intended effect on the listener.

Why is this important? Because in order to manifest an intention it must be done with emotion and vibration evokes emotion and the most powerful vibration that we can project is through chanting.

Thanks for your time. Peace to you all.

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