There are things that I’m grateful for everyday. Things like having a good career, a family who supports me and loves me, having the things that I need. Abundance. All things to be grateful for. Those never change.

Sometimes life can be challenging and things to be grateful for slip to the back of our minds and we focus on the challenge, which brings more challenges. Today I’m grateful that this question came up and I’m able to write about it.

I’m grateful that I was able to jump out of bed, even if I’m not able to jump as high as I did before. I’m grateful that the pain I feel is not as severe as it was a few weeks ago. I’m grateful that I could move well enough that I could make coffee and sit on the couch and enjoy it before getting dressed.

It seems that as I get older the things that I am grateful for change and become simpler. Today I’m grateful for the little things that make my life as fulfilling as it is.

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