I have a daily writing habit. It consists of me telling myself each morning when I wake up that I must write. Often, it ends with me avoiding the first step, which is opening the journal which is sitting on my lap.

Avoidance. Procrastination. I don’t know what it is, but I do know that too often writing does not get done, which is why I’m writing this now; At least the ten minutes of writing that I have committed to will get done. It’s about not breaking the cycle. To see how many uninterrupted days I can go.

I’m not sure how many days I have now, I haven’t kept track lately, but it’s less than a week. The question I must ask myself is, how am I supposed to get good at writing if I don’t write? I don’t know. I guess it magically happens. It drops in my lap like everything else in life that I didn’t work for. Wait! What? I don’t have anything I didn’t work for. Well, except bad results.

Yes, I have been writing for years, but as a hobby, not as a craft, and like any good craftsman, my skills must be honed. In my career as a steam fitter I’ve designed and installed numerous piping systems and on each one, I took a little something with me. I didn’t become this skilled and confident in a vacuum. The same goes for the craft of writing.

My first book was published in 2018 and my dreams and goals have not magically appeared. Will they ever come to fruition? I don’t know but, if the pen doesn’t touch the paper it will never happen. What needs to happen is that the right people must read the words that I write, but I have no way of knowing who those people are unless I connect with them, and there is no way of connecting with them unless I write.

It seems that by writing two things will be accomplished; First, my writing chops will be improved. I will find my voice. Second, with enough of the written word in existence, I will find my audience.

This is why I think that, since I’m not making the progress on the next book like I should, putting these words down is a great value. Maybe the message will reach one who needs it. Maybe it’s the message that I need. Maybe everything I write is for me and with each letter I type I grow a tiny bit. Maybe in order to have my ideal life I need to be a different person and with each sentence I become that person more.

I guess there is a third benefit to this; it transforms me into the person I will become. This exercise has opened my eyes and given me the confidence I need to do the work that I must in order to continue on with a successful writing career. Thank you for allowing me to share with you and may this writing find those who need the message.

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