The easy answer is life. Everything that we have and are is based on the fact that we have been given the gift of life. Without life nothing else exists.

Look around and life exists everywhere on this planet. From the world’s lushest forests to her most desolate deserts, the planet is teeming with life. The desert? How could the grim, hot wasteland we call desert be teeming with life? There’s nothing to see in the sand and rocks littered upon the earth. Lift one of the rocks and see an insect skitter away. Life. Pull a dead and decaying tree from the baked soil, look at the roots. What do you see? Dry, decaying plant matter, being eaten away by bugs and microscopic organisms. Life.

We see what we want to see. Sure there is death all around us. We see it every day throughout the world. Natural disasters, flood, fire, pestilence and famine. The End Times has been with us since the beginning of time. Why focus on it? Death exists as much as life. In our three dimensional reality there is an equal balance of all things, life and death included.

So, maybe the greatest gift is the perception of life and that it is a balance of all things and that it exists everywhere. If it exists everywhere that means it exists within me and that I am connected to all life and that all life is connected to me.

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