I woke up this morning and this question popped into my mind. Before coffee. Before reading. Before writing. This is an important question and maybe I should spend a little time answering it, or at least thinking about it.

Why should I even have a “worthy endeavor” and want constitutes one? My answer to either of those two questions is; I don’t know. Moreover, why should I even have a worthy endeavor?

We all have something that we pursue. It may be money, status or other material comfort. Maybe it’s helping others or volunteering time. Who knows? Everyone has a different idea of what a worthy endeavor is, but is it important to know what it is? Maybe not, so why did this question come to mind?

We go through life from one scene in our own movie to the next. We are the star and the hero of our own story and maybe we don’t know what the hero’s motivation is. If you watch any movie, the hero pursues some ideal, whether it’s overcoming a weakness or learning to find his or her strengths. We recognize this as the hero’s journey.

We are all on a journey. The path is different for everyone though we are headed to the same destination. It’s only through discernment that we come to realize that we are on this path to enlightenment. You can interpret that word however you want, but the point is we are all moving toward something, whether we recognize or accept it, or not.

Surely, there are those who spend a lifetime not asking this simple question. It takes a bit of reflection and contemplation to realize what we are searching for. You could say that we are all searching for the same thing, but who am I to say what someone else wants? That would be pretty arrogant of me to suppose that I know what someone else should pursue. Sounds a little like religion, doesn’t it? More like people who wish to force their own worldview on the world.

What then, is my worthy endeavor? I’m always in pursuit of knowing and loving myself. I want to strengthen my weaknesses and embrace who I am. It doesn’t matter if others like, or accept me. It’s up to me to like and accept myself. That, to me, should be job one; to work on my inner life.

Others may have different ideas and don’t necessarily believe that constant inner work is important. That’s good for them. It’s not for me to judge what they think is important. They will find their way and I will find mine. The best way I can be anything for anyone is to be true to myself.

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