It seems that this song is the story of a person who discovers an ancient artifact. One with wires that makes a beautiful sound.

He presents it to the leaders, who he believes will experience the same joy he did, but they don’t. In fact, the priest destroys it saying there is no need for ancient artifacts because every aspect of their lives is taken care of.

While there are parallels between this and our current time, there are parallels with the time it was written and even throughout history. Man’s struggle with authority is a never ending struggle, the details change, the players come and go, but the theme remains the same. This is a classic hero’s journey set in a futuristic society that has banned music, and other forms of pleasure.

It is no different than explicit lyric warnings, R and X ratings on movies. Go back in the history of our country and we see that movement for certain people was controlled by the authorities. This also is no different.

Is it a warning? You can take it as a warning, but you can draw parallels throughout human history and learn from them also. We are often warned and as a species refuse to learn from history, which is why stories like this can be told and we believe that are prophetic, because we are making the same mistakes over and over again.

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