Well, are you? Not to me, I may not have anything to say. I mean are you listening to anything. You can’t hear if you don’t listen. The Voice is loudest in the silence.

That’s where it starts, in the silence. With all the white noise going on around us on a daily basis, we hear nothing except noise. Sometimes it’s good to step back into the silence and just listen. No music, no computer no social media alerts, just silence.

This morning as I sat in quiet contemplation I heard the silence, and through it, I heard the singing of a bird. It was still dark outside and its chirping sounded like a car alarm, but didn’t last as long, and soon after the bird received its answer. Another bird in the early morning singing to begin the day.

In the silence is where we hear the Voice of The Intelligence. The Voice of God. The Universe. It’s ever calling, waiting for our response, yet often the wait is in vain because we don’t hear it through the noise.

The noise could be sound, or it could be activity in our overactive minds. There are different types of noise, sound being only one of many. The silent whisper in the back of our minds is calling us. It wants our attention but often we are too busy with work, soccer practice, piano recitals, social media activity, binge watching.

There are infinite distractions and diversions in life, each designed to take our mind away from the reality that we live. What is reality? Who knows, it’s different for everybody. For some, it’s work, work, work. For others it’s pouring themselves into family, or building a business. We are all on separate paths but on the same journey. How will we know where to go if we don’t hear the Voice? How will we hear the Voice if we have no silence? How will we have silence with all of the activity going on around us?

It’s time to unplug, unwind and understand. Understand what gifts Life has for us. It’s time to accept those gifts, and the only way accept them is through silent contemplation where we can hear the still, silent whisper calling us.

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