I woke up this morning wanting, no, needing, a cup of coffee. I’ve been drinking it since about the age of ten, seriously. There haven’t been too many days that I didn’t drink it, except for the few times I attempted to give it up.

I’m giving it up again and am now dealing with the constant headache and lethargy. Coffee is the greatest beverage in the world and also the biggest ball and chain. Coffee doesn’t care where I’m at, at home, in a hotel, on the road, it comes calling every morning demanding that I consume it.

The taste of a good, strong cup of this addictive bean is exquisite. Did I say addictive? Oh yes, that’s because it is. Everyone knows it. Caffeine is the one socially acceptable addictive substance. The one whose virtues are constantly extolled. I decided to quit the daily habit, it was out of control and my body needed a rest. I normally drink 32 ounces or more every day. Most days I drink more coffee than water, to be honest.

Anyone who drinks coffee on the regular knows that if you miss a dose, the headache soon follows, the the fatigue, aches and pains. I found a way to ease the withdrawal symptoms; tapering. I started with my regular serving, the water filled to line six on the coffee pot with six scoops of grounds. Every couple days I replaced one scoop with on scoop of decaf. I brought green tea into the mix and drank that for a few days.

After two weeks I was ready to give it up and drink no caffeine. Sunday was that day. I did fine until mid afternoon , that’s when the headache arrived. It would have been much worse if I hadn’t tapered off. I took ibuprofen and it kept it at bay.

Monday came and the headache returned around the same time. This time, no ibuprofen and it dissipated in the evening. I still feel a little shaky and lethargic but I’m hoping that passes soon. This morning I’m starting my third day caffeine free and I’d like to see how many days I can go; it would be nice to make a week.

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