If I’ve learned anything recently, this is it. I recently finished planning the work I intend complete in the first quarter of 2022. I have been using a planning system for the past year called HB90. It was developed by author Sarra Cannon. This isn’t meant to promote the program, but it has helped in so many ways. Each time I use the system, it becomes easier to dig deep and see where I need improvement.

Like anyone else I like to see progress and planning helps with that but only if you look back to where you started. In the first quarter of 2021 I set out to republish my first novel and make it available on several platforms. I worked furiously to complete the necessary tasks and accomplished that part.

I didn’t do as well with the marketing strategy part of the plan and, as a result, the sales goals fell short. I sold a few books but nowhere near bestseller territory. Of course it was disappointing, which led to questioning myself and my abilities. Everyone experiences self doubt, right. Also during the last year I had some physical challenges that slowed me down. That’s reality and moving forward I’ll need to deal with it.

Quarter four rolled around and I planned as usual and, again, life got in the way. I started the quarter strong, then petered out a month in, not completing most of my tasks. With quarter four closing and planning time approaching it was time to act. Planning is always my favorite part of each quarter. I get to set new goals or refresh old ones. It gets me charged up.

I didn’t have the same enthusiasm this time. I didn’t seem to be progressing in my new career. The writing hadn’t been flowing recently and reading the work I’m currently polishing made me embarrassed that I could write something so bad. Oh well, I’ve heard plenty of writers say that self doubt is real and it is something that an author must overcome if he or she expects to be successful.

I decided to put my efforts into planning quarter one and began by watching the first video from the HB90 program. I followed the instructions and thought about what I wanted, just like I did the first time. I watched each of the videos and followed the instructions, even through the self doubt. Along the way I looked back at the year, thinking where and why I came up short.

I realized that I didn’t come up short. I accomplished the major goal of republishing the book among other things. So I didn’t sell as many books as hoped. That’s something I can focus on this quarter, maybe next quarter. I learned in this course that there is no timeline for my success and if I recognize them I can celebrate them along the way.

I spent too much time thinking about where I fell short when I should have been celebrating my success and I lost some of my creativity. Now I have to work harder to get back where I left off. It’s time set the wheels in motion again and keep the momentum going.

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