The international symbol for distress. We are programmed to see this as a cry for help. There’s danger lurking. SOS is an acronym that can mean anything, and in this case it means something different.

For the first quarter of this year I’m working on my nutrition. I’ve been working on it for several years and I always fall short. I read articles, watch videos and plan, but when temptation calls, I often give in. I love food. What can I say?

Though I’ve been a fitness buff for years, I’ve struggled with my nutrition and have steadily gained weight. If I’m being honest, I’ll say I’m about fifty pounds overweight. Maybe the casual observer won’t see it, but I think that’s because most everyone around us is overweight.

I started out to lose weight by using a ketogenic program and lost about twenty pounds. My cholesterol shot up like a rocket with triglycerides along for the ride. I decided to give up meat only to see my cholesterol go up even more. I did put the weight back on over the course of several months and became frustrated with the way I felt.

I had given up meat and dairy in the past and thought I could do it again only when I did before I ate a lot of vegan junk food. Eating no meat or dairy is not necessarily healthy and manufacturers are in business to make a profit and what better way to keep the customers coming back for more than to get them hooked.

So, I had done vegan before and it didn’t lead to any weight loss. What could be different this time? If nothing else, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I now realize that I have been sabotaging myself.

I have to admit that I am addicted to salty snacks. I can eat a large size bag of any brand of chips and sit down and have a full dinner, with plenty of salt added. Capital S. I love eating salad and my favorite dressing is Italian with its thick layer of oil in the bottle. At 120 calories a Tablespoon that’s a big Capital O.

Once I’m done eating I have a little sweet tooth and decide to grab a party size bag of M&Ms, mix it with a can of peanuts and go to town. It’s near impossible to stop myself from eating the entire mixture in one sitting. That’s a Capital S for sure.

I’ve realized that to be successful in maintaining a healthy body into my older years I need to be more serious about the choices I make regarding what I put in my body. Salt, oil and sugar have been sabotaging me for years and I’m working on breaking the addiction. Im not looking to lose weight, I’m looking to get healthy through proper nutrition and weight loss will be a side effect.

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