I’m sitting in the doctors office, waiting to be seen. This is a follow up visit after a blood draw last week. Some of my numbers from a month ago were quite high, so said he could put me on supplements or medication. I chose supplements, knowing that my poor diet is a contributing factor in my high cholesterol and pre diabetic A1C numbers. It’s been a long time coming.

I didn’t expect that supplements alone would solve the problem. Just like medications, it only addresses the symptoms. The root cause is diet. I know that now and I knew before. I have changed my eating habits in the past few months, transitioning first to vegetarian, to vegan, to whole food plant based (whole food plant based) and avoiding SOS, (salt, oil, sugar).

The doctor has just called me into his office, I’ll be back with my results.

I had the first blood draw while in the vegetarian stage and the second at the end of the transition to vegan. They were one month apart and during that time I only had dairy a handful of times. I did also eat junk food on occasion. Since the blood test one week ago I have gone fully plant based and SOS free.

Here are some of the numbers: A1C was 6.1 now 5.1 should be between 4.8-5.6. I was in pre-diabetic before and it’s better now. Insulin is down from 26.8 to 22.8. It within normal but needs to go down more. Cholesterol dropped from 265 to 155. And triglycerides went from 248 down to 144 within high normal and needs to drop below 100. It looks like the supplements and nutrition are beginning to heal my body.

In the area of weight loss there is still some progress to be made. The first goal I have is to weigh 190 lbs. The highest I’ve been was 220.8, I hit that in March 2020, yes I’ve been doing this for two years at least. I got down to 195 in June of 2020. I ate a ketogenic diet with no sustainability. My cholesterol and triglycerides went into dangerous territory and I reverted to the SAD (standard American diet)

I struggled through the summer and by December of 2020 I made it back to 213. I tried again in 2021 and managed to fight my way to 198 by June. I had an issue with my joints and took a corticosteroid for four months, that along with a poor vegetarian diet added the weight back on and I ballooned back up to 220 around September. I didn’t track weight during that time because I felt physically and emotionally exhausted as I was still recovering from the autoimmune situation from June.

Between October and December I battled the food addictions while still eating vegetarian, though I did taper off the junk food slightly. By slightly I mean that I slowed, didn’t completely stop, the years long habit of stopping at a convenience store on the drive home from work.

On December 28 I weighed 208.3. On Sunday 1-2 I was at 206.8. During this week I ate mostly plant based on Wednesday I had pizza for dinner, and quite a bit, and a few times I ate sugary snacks . I still lost over a pound.

Today (Thursday 1-6) I weighed 202.1. Over 4 lbs. lost. Again, this week I began WFPB with no SOS. I expect it to go up on Friday since I strayed from SOS free and had dinner at a vegan restaurant tonight. I’m sure the food had ample amounts of salt oil and sugar and that’s why it tasted so good.

This part of the journey has just begun and I don’t know where it will take me but I know where I’ve been and I don’t want to go back. I’m sure that this is the way to help me feel better and keep my body healthy, so I will continue eating this way knowing there will be challenges and bumps in the road.

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