Here I am on day eleven of my nutritional journey. I weighed 207 on the first day and yesterday I weighed 202.3. So I have lost some weight. My optimal weight is 180. I’ve been as high as 220.

17 years ago when I began lifting weights seriously I weighed 189, I know because I kept track of my weight and all of my workouts through the years. At the time I wanted to add weight and muscle so I took action to encourage that. Some small things like slowing my walking pace and avoiding a lot of cardiovascular exercise. Bigger things like eating large amounts was easy to do and, obviously, it worked.

Now I’ve got about 20 plus pounds to lose and it seems like it would be no problem but the challenge is eating the proper foods in the proper amounts. I’m already avoiding SOS, salt oil sugar, but it’s also important to get enough fiber and other nutrients. Not eating enough could lead to being hungry and hunger is dangerous for me. I reach for anything to satisfy when I’m in that state.

One thing has helped is remembering that I’m avoiding SOS and anything in a package will have ample amounts of those in them, a lot of times all three. It’s hard not to veer off into a convenience store on the drive home from work, but so far I’ve avoided it and that’s good.

I have found that Monday through Thursday are not as much of a challenge as the weekend. On work days I have a set routine and don’t have easy access to food and being busy tends to keep my mind off of eating, but on weekends idle hands reach for snacks, or go somewhere for a meal and any meal outside of the home is going to have SOS, otherwise the restaurant couldn’t entice customers.

As the weekend approaches I am thinking about how I can keep the success that I’ve had so far and not slip and add the weight back on like every other weekend. Usually that leads to frustration and gaining the weight back. Last weekend it led to a more determined commitment to heal my body naturally and I’ve done well so far. Until next time, keep eating healthy

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