4:24 AM. I’m sitting in the parking lot of the warehouse. Getting ready to walk into the building to start my work day, which begins at 4:30. The supervision at here gets together a half hour before the workers to talk about the day’s activities. It goes without saying, I’m a supervisor, general foreman to be exact.

The job I have now is one thing f the better ones I’ve had during my career. I’ve been in supervision for a majority of my career. It’s a comfortable role for me, to be in a leadership role, not because I like directing people or managing people, but because this is the role where I can create my own circumstances. I can plan my own work, I can plan for a bigger picture and execute the plan to see it to a successful end.

It’s time for me now to go forth and execute the plan I have to complete my work today. Have a great day!

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