The Five Fs

Hello, It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken last. Life gets in the way. It gets in the way for me too. I have recommitted to furthering my career as an author. It is time to dust the cobwebs from the blog and start writing. It doesn’t matter much what is written, what matters is that writing happens. So, here, now, writing is going to happen.

Each year at this time I like to go through my journal and see the progress that I have made on each area of my life. After I do the assessment, I decide how I want my life to be the next year. Some people make resolutions and with that there is nothing wrong. I have always failed at resolving to do anything, so I generally avoid making any kind of resolution. It is nice, though to have a new beginning. After all, we have just passed the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year and the sun has been born again. Soon the days will be longer, the nights shorter and the sun will shine down on us all and bring new growth. That is what life is all about, right? Growth.

Each year I set down a vision for the year and I like to call it The Five Fs. It is five areas in my life that I would like to see improvement or advancement. I have been doing this for several years with great success. I don’t always achieve the objectives that I set out for myself, but this allows me to steer in the direction I want to go in my overall mission. This year I am turning up the heat on my vision for my ideal life, but before I share, allow me to explain what The Five Fs are:

Faith. Everybody believes in something. Even if one does not believe in anything, it is a belief. My aim is to develop this through being mindful to my environment. For 2021 I will see beauty in everything I look at.

Family. This is about my relationship with my family. I have come a long way and still have a great distance to cover in this area. Each year I strive to improve one aspect in my relationship with my family. This year, again is to be present. To put aside ideas and thoughts while with my family.

Finance. Since I developed this process, My financial situation has improved tremendously. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, but when I look back on the past journals, I can see definite progress. For 2021 I will produce a monthly income through the sales of books and establish a publishing business.

Fun. In this category I set something fun, like a certain amount of weekend getaways or day trips. This year we went to the Renaissance Faire here in Arizona. That is one of the fun things we do every year. We also attend concerts and craft shows several times each year. Two concerts we had scheduled for 2020 were cancelled and The RenFest is cancelled for February 2021. We will be planning some adventures for 2021 and are looking forward to it.

Fitness. This is an area that I fail in. Every. Single. Year. I have exercised for many years and it has never been a problem for me to bang the weights around three to four times a week. consistently. A funny thing happened this year. I sold my weights and opted to instead do my workouts at the gym each morning before work. Well, I guess the joke was on me, The gyms all shut down and I don’t feel safe swapping sweat with the general public right about now. The problem I have in the fitness are is more about the nutritional aspect. It has become impossible to out – exercise a poor diet. I know I have successfully proven that throughout the years. My goal vision for 2021 is to see myself at the weight I should be at through mindful eating and proper exercise.